Bar Mitzvah Inspiration Moodboard

Bar Mitzvah inspiration, in a moodboard! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Bar Mitzvah, you’ve found the right spot! We’ve created a moodboard of some of our favourite ideas for a Bar Mitzvah, as well as some inspiration for unique and creative touches. A great way to get all the guests talking, is [...]

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Bat Mitzvah Inspiration Moodboard

Bat Mitzvah inspiration, in a board. If you’re seeking a couple ideas for your Bat Mitzvah, or simply want a little inspiration to get started, look no further! This moodboard, a compilation of pictures and ideas we think would work great for a Bat Mitzvah, would be the first step in planning this special evening. [...]

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A Bespoke Song Service

A sure way to WOW your guests! Bespoke refers to something that is ‘made to order’, and that is exactly what bespoke song writing is. We’ve developed a bespoke song service, which has been a definite success. A bespoke song writing service begins with you sitting down with one of our experienced song writers, and [...]

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Luxury Asian Wedding Planning

Experienced Asian wedding planners, at your service! Asian weddings are renowned for being extravagant, taking place over days with an abundance of entertainment, dance and food. Orchid Events has developed a reputation for throwing lavish Asian weddings, planning them down to the last detail. Our biggest Asian wedding was an affair that spanned across 4 [...]

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