Bar Mitzvah Inspiration Moodboard

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bar mitzvah inspo

Bar Mitzvah inspiration, in a moodboard!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Bar Mitzvah, you’ve found the right spot!

We’ve created a moodboard of some of our favourite ideas for a Bar Mitzvah, as well as some inspiration for unique and creative touches.

A great way to get all the guests talking, is of course, a candy station! No 13 year old doesn’t like sweet treats, and having them so deliciously presented is sure to get everyone excited. You could go for a more subtle option, such as the purple candy display, or a more eye-catching option like the candy station with the huge popcorn centrepiece, which cannot be missed! Sweets can also be tailored to your theme, such as the colour scheme or you could have football shaped/decorated treats for a football themed Bar Mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvahs are very personal to the celebrant, and a way to make them even more special is to base them around a pertinent theme; this could be their favourite sport, sports team, favourite movie or TV series, the options are endless.

We love this basketball-inspired dancefloor, personalised with their name! The sophisticated seating area with large sports ball decorations showcases a more subtle way of incorporating a sports theme.

Your theme can also feed into the decoration and general décor of the venue. This red and black themed event looks really fun and playful, all while being chic.

The theme can also feed into your food, such as these fun cookies! The biscuits have been piped to look like a games console, and personalised with a name. These are sure to get the guests talking, whilst nibbling on delicious treats.

The cake is always a great part an event, and we love with traditionally decorated blue Bar Mitzvah cake. The two tiers make the cake look elegant, and are sure to feed lots of hungry guests!

A final inspiration for a great Bar Mitzvah, is having a photo booth! We think a photo booth is essential at any event, as it is sure to bring out some laughs as well as provide lovely photos from the day. An extra touch to a photo booth would be to add these props, which guests can play around with and are sure to results in happy smiles.
If you loved any of these ideas, or are looking for more inspiration for a Bar Mitzvah, please get in touch today!