Orchestrating Elegance at Abbey Road Studios

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Sarah and Giulia from Orchid Events in discussion at Studio 1 in the iconic Abbey Road Studios, London

Abbey Road recording studios is about as iconic in the music industry as it gets! It’s a highlight as a performer to record there, and steeped in musical history which has opened its doors for the past 90 years to all genres of music from classical orchestra, jazz and big band to rock and roll and pop. Its four walls have seen and heard some true legends! From the infamous zebra crossing to the front door with the name overhead, the mixing desk to the recording studios, Abbey Road is a place where magic happens.

And, as event planners who have a deep passion for music, to be back at Abbey Road Studios was an honour, to transform Studio 1 into a jazz club for a night was unforgettable!

Microphone all set at Abbey Road Studios for event styled and planned by Orchid Events
Microphone at Abbey Road Studios. Image courtesy of twobytwo

3 Abbey Rd, London NW8 9AY

Abbey Road Studios first opened its doors in 1931 as a recording venue for orchestras. Walking through the corridors is to see the changing face of the venue throughout the years.

“There’s a portrait that many people may pass by without a second glance but one which always stops me in my stride. It’s captivated me from the first time I visited 25 years ago. Jacqueline du Pré sits playing her cello, with a huge smile whilst her husband, conductor and pianist, Daniel Barenboim glances adoringly from his piano. It’s a brief moment of sheer joy captured in a second and holds a very special place in my heart” Sarah Balfour, Orchid Events

Sarah & Giulia from Orchid Events on the Abbey Road zebra crossing
Sarah and Giulia, Orchid Events on the Abbey Road zebra crossing!

One of the most endearing aspects of the Studios is that they celebrate their history rather than erase the past with the present.

Still on the floor of the Studios are the marks for the sections of the orchestra. Spending time in this venue is like walking with everyone who has ever been there from Elgar conducting the all male orchestra (thankfully a piece of history which has changed!) to The Beatles, Kate Bush to Oasis and Adele. And also our very own Sarah Balfour who has played on the very same concert Steinway piano as John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney!

In fact, Sarah has previously worked with legendary record and Beatles producer Sir George Martin and to be back at the Studios orchestrating a memorable 50th birthday party for our client allowed for the perfect opportunity to catch up with his son, Giles.

“With Orchid Events turning 20 this year, it was an absolute delight to orchestrate an event at a venue so close to my heart. It didn’t feel like work at all! The buzz from everyone working in harmony as we designed and delivered this fabulous party was palpable and a real highlight of my career as an event designer and musician. And, having Giles Martin come over and sit with me whilst I was playing the incredible Steinway in Studio 1 was a huge moment for me!” Sarah Balfour, Orchid Events

Sarah Balfour and Giles Martin, Abbey Road Studios, London
Sarah Balfour with Giles Martin at Abbey Road Studios. Image courtesy of Flix’n’Pix


Sarah Balfour, Orchid Events, in Studio 1, Abbey Road Studios, London
Sarah Balfour at Abbey Road Studios. Orchid Events, Orchestrating Elegance. Image courtesy of Agata Kulka

Studio 1 Transforms into a Jazz Club

With inspiration from the iconic jazz club,Ronnie Scott’s, we worked with the phenomenal Wise Productions to transform Studio 1 into an Art Deco’d jazz club for the evening. The lights were low, and blue and gold accented throughout the room.

As with all the best jazz clubs the focus was on the music and entertainment and so tables were positioned to face the stage creating an immersive theatre of performance. And as a direct nod to Ronnie Scotts, table lamps had pride of place on the long tables.

Time lapse video of the studio transformation courtesy of Wise Productions Ltd

Studio 1, Abbey Road Studios dressed as a jazz club by Orchid Events
Studio 1, Abbey Road Studios transformed into a jazz club for the evening. Image courtesy of twobytwo

The stage itself featured lavish deep blue draping, impressive back lighting and framing to create an authentic cabaret theme. 

Floral arrangements from the incredibly talented Rob Van Helden adorned the outside steps with florals continuing to the stage and each table providing pops of vibrant green throughout.

Orchid Events at Abbey Road Studios table flowers by Rob Van Helden
Fresh florals by Rob Van Helden. Image courtesy of twobytwo

The Art Deco vibe continued with the breathtaking birthday cake designed by the fabulous Yevnig Davis from By Yevnig, with the three tiered square cake decorated in blue, white and silver.

Sarah Balfour with Yevnig Davis from By Yevnig with birthday cake at Abbey Road Studios London
Sarah with cake designer Yevnig from By Yevnig. Image courtesy of Agata Kulka

Guests were given the full celebrity treatment with ‘paparazzi’ greeting them at the red carpet, ready to snap their pictures. And the fun continued inside with an interactive photo theatre, which of course, we just had to try!

Fans at Abbey Road Studios with Orchid Events
‘Paparazzi’ outside Abbey Road Studios
Orchid Events theatre photo booth at Abbey Road Studios
Immersive theatre photo booth from Beatrice and Bertrum

And so to the entertainment… and only the very best set up would do for the incredible performers invited to entertain and wow our birthday client.  Lior Suchard’s mind blowing set was nothing short of perfect!

Lior Suchard on stage at Abbey Road Studios for Orchid Events styled and planned party
Lior Suchard reedy to perform in Studio 1 at Abbey Road Studios. Image courtesy of Agata Kulka

“I don’t think I’ve ever had so many out of this world moments as I did at Abbey Road Studios that day. At Orchid Events, we work with some incredible and much-loved venues, but as a musician working there was immensely fulfilling and exciting. Even the sound check was electrifying! Our client and her guests celebrated her momentous birthday in such style and the evening was a huge success. In fact, none of us on the events team wanted it to end!” Sarah Balfour, Orchid Events

Sarah Balfour playing the Steinway piano at Abbey Road Studios, London
Sarah Balfour playing the Steinway piano at Abbey Road Studios. Image courtesy of Agata Kulka
Sarah and Giulia from Orchid Events at Abbey Road Studios. Image courtesy of Agata Kulka

Create Your Next Luxury Party At Abbey Road Studios With Orchid Events

Just imagine Abbey Road Studios as your venue. Unique, historic and completely exclusive, your party would be one of a kind and never forgotten. With Abbey Road Studios celebrating over 90 years of iconic music and Orchid Events celebrating 20 years of orchestrating excellence, you’re in for the most unforgettable luxury party experience.

Get in touch with us to discuss your special occasion, we can’t wait to help make your dreams a reality.

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Thank you to all our wonderful suppliers who made this such a memorable event:
Venue: Abbey Road Studios

Photography: Flix’n’Pix Ltd, Agata Kulka, twobytwo

Florist: Rob Van Helden Floral Design

Caterer: By Word of Mouth

Production: Wise Productions

Cake: By Yevnig

Pop Up Photo Parlour: Beatrice and Bertrum 

Entertainment: DJ Asad, Lior Suchard, Boston Naturals