A message from Sarah Balfour, at Orchid Events – Dear friends of Orchid

Dear friends of Orchid

I am not even sure of exactly where to start. This last week has been overwhelming in many different ways. I have been trying to think about something to say to all of you, to all my colleagues, friends, family, suppliers, clients, fellow musicians, etc; trying to find comfort in words…

I have been speaking to many of you throughout the last couple of days, the speed at which everything has been changing is unsettling. We find ourselves navigating unchartered waters. Not only are we in the midst of a global health crisis but we are also witnessing an economical crash of seismic proportions. Firstly I would like to say how warm it makes me feel inside, seeing such displays of human kindness and coming together. I have such amazing respect for the health workers on the front line who are fighting tirelessly with little sleep day on day trying to keep us all safe. To all of them, I salute you and send you my heartfelt thanks.

The NHS is doing the best they can to keep us safe, but part of the responsibility lies in us, as an individual, as a community, as a nation. Everyone needs to get together to make this work, to “flatten the curve” (!) To protect each other. Right now this is what we need to do. Stay home, Save lives. #stayhomesavelives #stayhome

We also need to work together to help sustain the economic strain that is having such a huge impact on our lives and especially in our events industry.

I am sure you have all been seeing the: POSTPONE, don’t cancel #postponedontcancel – hashtag.

We have been in constant communication with all our wonderful clients who had decided to postpone events that were due to take place during this time. We know this is upsetting, and not ideal, and that at times it might even sound counter-intuitive, but by postponing you are keeping each supplier and each supplier’s family supported and consequently the wheels of the industry in motion.

To everyone in our community, I will say, sit tight as best as you can for we will be back!

We are at war with an invisible enemy but if we all work together, follow the professional and scientific guidelines, and self isolate as directed, this will pass. Once this crisis is behind us, there will be lots to celebrate and be thankful for and we are hoping and expecting to be super busy with bookings in the forthcoming months for people who have had to postpone as well as new clients who find themselves with a beautiful milestone that they wish to share.

To all my fellow musicians I want you to know that I acknowledge your commitment, creativity, and unfailing loyalty. You know how much your talent means to me, how much I admire you and how important you are in our industry. I will do my very best to support you and to get us all back on track.

Wishing you all the warmest of best wishes. Be safe and be well! We, of course, remain open (albeit working from home) to answer any of your queries!

When the cloud clears, we will rise, and from all of us here at Orchid, we can’t wait to help put on the party of your dreams once again!