Celebrating Thanksgiving

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Whether you’re hosting the big day or bringing dishes to a potluck, we have all the expertise you need to throw an incredible Thanksgiving meal with friends and family. From Thanksgiving decorations – fall centre pieces, table toppers, place cards, and creative kids’ tables to entire Thanksgiving menus from some of the most prestigious chefs in London, you name it, we have done it!

Your table will make a first impression with these ideas for place cards, centre pieces, linens, and more. Centre pieces made from sliced tree boards and traditional autumnal fruits are simple to make and decorate beautifully.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Seasonal pumpkin candleholders are a nice alternative to jack-o’-lanterns.

Creating a pumpkin basket is a fun fall activity. Lopsided gourds create the best baskets, since their stems don’t interfere with the handle.

Upgrade a fall gourd to create an inexpensive Thanksgiving table centre piece.

Fabric glue, glitter, and masking tape are all you need to add understated glamour to your Thanksgiving table runner. Gold and copper glitter also add sparkle to the dried corn centre piece.

Thanksgiving inspiration

Label the dishes – Nuts, jalapeños, sausage: Your menu can’t please everyone all the time. Spare vegetarians, picky eaters, and friends with food allergies the awkwardness of asking you to rattle off ingredients by labelling dishes clearly — we used parchment-paper leaves. This will also help guests that are unfamiliar with the celebration to know the names of your traditional dishes.

Thanksgiving dishes

A little bit about the history: It all started around 1621 when religious English refugees called Pilgrims, invited local Native American tribe Wampanoag to celebrate unusually successful growing season.

It was especially happy moment for the Pilgrims because during the previous season half of them starved to death due to the lack of the harvest.

Native Americans then taught English migrants how to grow corn, beans and squash, and also how to catch fish. Therefore, in order to reply that kindness, Pilgrims shared the food with Wampanoag tribe to show them their thankfulness.


Later on, the first president of the United States George Washington, proclaimed Thursday the 26th of 1789 a day of “public thanksgiving and prayer”.

Only in 1863, thanks to the activity of Sarah Josepha Hale (an author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”) and Abraham Lincoln, Thanksgiving became national holiday celebrated on the last Thursday of November.


How exactly turkey appeared on their tables and how it became their traditional meal, remains a mystery to these days. However, it is said that Benjamin Franklin suggested making the turkey their main course of the night as it is a native bird of North America.

There’s no excuse not to make that Harvest festival extra special! Our expertise knows exactly where to find the most incredible chefs in London that are able to bring that familiar feel of the Thanksgiving meal to your family table.

Happy Thanksgiving