Engaging Entertainment: Break Dance, Street Dance, Football

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engaing break dance

Great ways to entertain.

Events can truly be made by their entertainment. Having appropriate entertainment, which can be enjoyed by all, is a great way to ensure your event is a success and that all your guests come away from the evening with happy smiles.

engaing break dance

Entertainment can either be in the background, enhancing the atmosphere of your day, or it can take centre stage and be the focal point for a couple minutes, or longer.

Everyone knows of more atmospheric entertainment, such as lovely soft music or small activities that can be done on the sidelines. However, when it comes to more engaging entertainment, we’ve come up with a few suggestions that are sure to grasp your guests’ attention and excite them.

Firstly break dancers can be a great form of entertainment. Perfectly suited to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, or the more adventurous party, this form of dance is a show in itself! Our professional break dancers can battle on the dancefloor, ensuring an enthralled crowd. A confident amateur could even get in on the fun; our break dancers are also willing to teach your guests some moves!

This video showcases the excitement that break-dancers can create, and how professional and of high standard they are!

A further fun type of engaging entertainment is hiring street dancers. Differing from break-dancers in that they will not battle, but will perform a rehearsed routine sure to amaze your guests. This is a sure way to get everyone up and dancing as well, after they have performed and got the crowd going!


Finally, our fun football duo will perform tricks with a football, bouncing off each other and the crowd to ensure an exciting performance! These sorts of entertainment have always gone down a treat at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs!

If you’re looking for specific entertainment, please get in touch today!