Getting the Groom Involved

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Making the day about the bride AND groom.

A wedding is an event that symbolises the unity of two people, and yet somehow the wedding planning tends to be taken on by the woman! We like to try to get both the bride and groom involved, enhancing the significance of your special day.

Involving the groom might be tricky as he might consider planning the wedding a “girl’s job”. However, you need to look at planning for your big day as a chance to take on a large task as a couple. After all, planning this day will probably be the first major project of your life together. It’s important that both of you are involve!. In order to include your husband-to-be, we suggest discussing with him which aspects of the planning he would be happy to take on.

Deciding on a theme (and whether you want one or not!) is the first step in wedding planning, and could be a really fun way to represent your relationship, and your likes, in your big day. Making sure to ask your groom for his opinion, and not taking ‘I don’t care’ as an answer is the first step in getting them involved!

You can both be responsible for a few things and then make all the important decisions together. Grooms usually enjoy taking the responsibility of selecting the band or DJ. Ask him to make a shortlist by contacting them to check availability, prices, style of music. You can then enjoy going to see the shortlisted bands and DJ’s as a fun night out as a couple! If you want to point him in the right direction for your wedding music tell him to have a look at Xtatic, by far our favourite band on the circuit.

Additionally, if you’re looking for entertainment to fall in line with your theme, get your groom researching for some acts! Alternatively, contact our sister company Music by Arrangement for all things music and entertainment!

Picking the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses is always a big event, but why shouldn’t there be an equivalent for the groom and his groomsmen? It’s always fun to encourage the groom to make a day out of it, and spend quality time with his friends when picking out such an important outfit.

There are many ways to get the groom involved and we hope you’ll take some ideas from here! If you’re looking to plan a wedding, please contact our friendly event planners today.