Inspiring Mood Boards: CAKE

Cake moodboard blog

An abundance of… Cake!

Who doesn’t love cake; well here at Orchid Events we certainly do! Just looking at this inspirational mood board is making us hungry! No matter what special occasion you’re planning, we know the cake is important and has to take centre stage. The cake allows you to get creative and find ways to incorporate your theme into a cake your guests can’t wait to enjoy.

The cake is a great way to share your personality with your guests or enhance your theme with a show stopper. This mood board has some great ideas on how to get creative with your cake and just how talented these bakers really are.

Traditional cakes are great and they can really enhance most themes, especially wedding cakes. They are also sophisticated and create a beautiful aura for any event. The traditional cakes above are shown with some creative twists using colourful flowers to make the unique cakes stand out.

The use of geometric shapes has become a huge trend with interior design and event design creating contemporary and often art deco results. We love the use of these shapes in cake, as it can create an unusual and unique look which will ‘WOW’ your guests.

Marble patterns have also become a big trend in fashion and design, and we love seeing it following through into bakery. These marble cakes are beautifully made and will be the cherry on top of any event. The magical use of colours which swirl and merge into each other creates a mesmerising sight and will be enjoyed by all.

We also know that some people like to be even more creative with their cakes, by not having one big one but lots of little ones. This is a great idea and can provide fantastic results. We love the use of cake pops designed to look like the bride and groom, which may be a little cliché but still a nice touch to a wedding. We also really love the individual chocolate pot servings which look great on the stand and are great when it comes to serving because there’s no need to worry about someone getting a bigger slice than you!

We love seeing creativity brought into the cake design. We work with some of the best suppliers who are incredible at what they do. If you would like help finding the perfect cake and creating a magical event, then get in touch with our event planners today.