London Venues: The Banqueting House

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banqueting hall

A venue steeped in history.

Banqueting House, located in Whitehall, is a piece of great architectural importance and with an abundance of history.

The Banqueting House is the last surviving building of the Palace of Whitehall, which was the main royal residence between 1530 and 1698, when it was almost entirely destroyed by fire. In its prime, the Palace of Whitehall was the most expansive palace in Europe, overtaking the Vatican and Versailles, with 1500 rooms.

In this current day, the Banqueting House is a grand building, retaining much of its old style and architecture. The building is, amongst others, composed of a grand Banqueting Hall as well as the signature undercroft.

banqueting house

The Banqueting Hall is a large room with impressively high ceilings and a gallery balcony. Pillars adorn the edge of the room and chandeliers hang from the eye-catching ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with 9 Rubens paintings, which have been framed in gilded frames. This striking feature adds to the lavish feel of the room, perfect for events.

The undercroft, referring to the cellar of the building, has been beautifully refurbished to make it a usable event space. This space was perfect for an Arabian Nights themed event that we planned, as it provided a great space to have cosy alcoves and seating areas, in line with the theme.


banqueting house undercroft

For our Arabian Nights themed party, the Banqueting Hall provided a great place for dinner and dancing, as well as the daybeds for guests to relax on. The high ceilings meant we could bring in impressively tall trees into the venue, once again tying in with the theme of Arabian Nights.


banqueting house stage

This venue provided the perfect place to hold this Arabian Nights party; the undercroft allowed us to create a mystical, sultry area, adorned with lots of sheer curtains and deep warm colours. The Banqueting Hall was the perfect place to accommodate all guests, and be able to truly do justice to the lavish theme.

If you’d like to see us setting up the beautiful Banqueting Hall, please check out this time lapse video!

We love the Banqueting House and think it is a wonderfully versatile and flexible venue, perfectly suited to all events. We are also honoured and looking forward to attending the Historic Royal Palaces Wedding Showcase at the Banqueting House this September!

If you’re interested in holding your next event at the Banqueting House, please get in touch with our experienced event planners today.