No Party Too Big or Too Small

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20 guests, or 1000?

We know when it comes to planning an event, sorting out your guest list can sometimes be a little daunting. You’re asking yourself if having too few guests will not give the right atmosphere or whether too many guests will make the event overwhelming, and not personal enough.

We’re happy to say that no matter what size your event is, we can guarantee it’ll be a success!

Here at Orchid Events, we have extensive experience planning events of a vast array of magnitudes. We’ve done small intimate weddings for 20, to Asian weddings over 4 days, for a thousand guests! Each and every celebration we throw ourselves into, irrespective of size, will be planned, and executed to perfection, ensuring yours and your guests’ satisfaction.

A lovely small party that we planned was a Christmas Party. The party took place in the client’s house, and was decorated at every turn. We made sure to make all the rooms and hallways as lavish and luxurious as possible, to transform their home into a winter wonderland. The dining room was set up with a long trestle table, ensuring all the guests could eat and chat together on such a festive day!

Christmas Party table

Christmas Party fireplace

Little nooks and crannies were decorated with pearls and lights, as well as small fun touches such as the festive signs. The fireplace was also not forgotten, once again bringing in the Christmas theme.

Christmas Party deco

Christmas Party sign

Conversely, we undertook an Asian wedding with a 1000 guests, which took place in Portugal over 4 days. We took our experienced wedding planners, as well as Asian caterers along with us, who were supported by the catering staff at each of the venues. Each day the wedding moved venue, resulting in us coordinating with 4 different venues, and ensuring all guests were taken care with regards to travel and accommodation needs.


We hope this has shown you that no party is too big or too small; and that we’re confident taking on either! Please get in touch today if you’re looking to plan an event, whatever the size.