Planning Your Wedding Abroad.

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ceremony beach abroad aisle

London Wedding Planner: Planning Your Wedding Abroad.

Congratulations! You have just gotten engaged and are thinking about planning your dream wedding abroad. Having your wedding abroad is the perfect way to ensure you have the best day (and the best weather!) At Orchid Events, being a top London Wedding Planner and Abroad Wedding Planner, we know most dream of saying “I Do” in front of rolling waves, on a lush white beach or in their favourite foreign location.

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Why have your special day abroad?

Do you dream of saying “I Do” on a white stretch of beach, in front of the crystal blue sea or in your favourite foreign location? If your answer is yes, or even maybe, then you are in the right place!

Getting married abroad provides you with the perfect location, weather and scenery. Therefore, you can have your dreamy wedding without a worry in the world, or a drop of rain in the sky… unlike England.

A big advantage of getting married abroad is that all of your closest family and friends are away together. This allows them to socialise, relax and enjoy your big day even more than if it was at home. It’s not all about the beach, sun or your favourite location… but it does help!

ceremony beach abroad aisle

What about The Ceremony?

The ceremony is the most important part of your magical day in many ways: it’s where you tie the knot, it’s where the majority of your guests first see the bride in her dress(who else cries?) and it can make or break your wedding, it’s the first impression of what’s to come next.

There are two routes most couples tend to go down: a Beach or Traditional Ceremony.

However, it is all down to personal preference, and what you think will suit you, your guests and your vision come to life the best.

One of the first things you must consider when planning your wedding ceremony abroad is the location and accessibility of the venue. Does your venue have the right location for you? You need to ensure the area and surroundings fit to your standards and expectations – do your research, as you won’t know until you’re there!

Are you ceremony and reception venues the same? If not, then you will need to consider whether it is near your venue and the transportation of guests to and from the ceremony to your reception. This can be an unnecessary and avoidable cost – which is why you must consider the ceremony location in regards to your reception too.

Location, Location, Location…

When planning to have your wedding abroad, your location is even more vital than a wedding at home.

By location, we mean the foreign Country or Area, not venue. The right location is so important; it will provide you with your chosen climate and weather, venues and services that match (or don’t match) your budget, and the scenery to your invaluable memories.

Whether you want the sun and sea to be a major part of your wedding, or you want a location more personal to you; for example it has links to your heritage, choosing the right location should be top of your to-do list!

Your location is the foundation that you build your wedding around. After you have chosen your location you can start organising the venue, set a date and plan all the other vital aspects to your dreamy occasion.

ceremony beach bar

How to make your Abroad Wedding that extra-bit special.

The finishing touches and unique additions to your wedding always seem to be the best moments.

When planning your wedding abroad, it’s always a tiny bit more exciting than at home because you have more freedom in areas you wouldn’t have it normally. For example, you may have the opportunity to have more of your wedding outdoors due to better climate – and therefore, you can hold your cocktail hour in a gorgeous outdoor space (see above).

You can also experiment with and research ideas for your day; such as traditional entertainment from the location of your wedding. This will make your wedding unique, and not one to forget.

Another way to make your wedding abroad that extra-bit special is by doing something sentimental, such as having your first dance surrounded by lanterns:

ceremony pool lanterns

In the case of the photo above, the lanterns were floating on the pool at the reception venue – however, you can adapt this idea in many ways.

Why you need an Abroad Wedding Planner.

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, however it is virtually impossible to plan, organise and deliver your day, abroad, on your own.

This is why we are here to help! From sourcing suppliers and finding your dream venue to executing the minor details you didn’t even know were vital –  working with Orchid Events will be invaluable.

Our experience will mean that we have everything covered, so you do not have to stress for one second before, during or after your special day. We plan to perfection.

If you are planning your wedding abroad, contact us today – so we can help all your dreams of your fairy-tale day come true.

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