Small Intimate Weddings

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Christmas Party table

With your nearest and dearest!

Weddings are deeply personal days, and you have to make sure they’re perfectly tailored to you and your bride/groom.

The classic wedding, that you’ve most likely attended, seen in movies, and TV shows, is the big wedding, with upwards of a hundred guests and an extravagant dinner at a grand venue. However, there is certainly a lot of charm in having a small intimate gathering for your special day.

Small weddings are perfect for couples that want to keep their celebration intimate, with only their closest friends and family present. The beauty of having such few guests ensures you can spend quality time with each of your guests, as they can with you. There are many more ways of getting your guests involved as well, in the ceremony and in the reception/dinner. Depending on how small your wedding is, you could even have everyone sitting at the same table, ensuring everyone stays connected and involved in a communal conversation, all night long.

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Budget wise, small weddings can also be a great way to enjoy your day to the maximum without comprising on quality or over spending.

Having fewer guests’ means, practically, you need a less large venue, less catering and fewer tables. These can save you money, which can be invested into personalised wedding favours, or gifts for the bridal party, a luxurious honeymoon, or simply be saved!

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There are a few ways to get a wider circle of friends involved in the day, which could include throwing a big engagement party, sending out wedding videos, or even streaming the wedding online, using technology!

Small weddings are a great alternative to the traditional big wedding, especially if you have a very tight-knit circle of friends and family, with whom you couldn’t imagine spending your day without.

If you’re interested in planning a small wedding, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced wedding planners today!