The Role of the Wedding Planner

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Duty calls! Here’s what we take charge of.

As a wedding planner, our role is to take the stress away from the bride and groom allowing them to enjoy the whole wedding experience.

Over our years working as a wedding planner, we’ve compiled a list of our roles when helping a bride and groom plan for their big day.

Slowing down the pace

Our first mission is to let the bride and groom take a step back and enjoy being engaged. We do all the ground work, researching, chasing and negotiating behind the scenes while always leaving the final decision to our clients keeping them in complete control of their wedding day.

Controlling the budget

Although hiring a wedding planner has a cost, the overall spend need not end up costing clients too much. We have applied our expertise to selecting the best suppliers for every budget, and have cemented excellent relationships with them. This way, clients are guaranteed excellent service at the most competitive prices.

Offering creative ideas and expertise:

At Orchid Events, we are wedding designers as well as wedding planners. We pride ourselves on bringing our clients’ visions to life or finding one with them if they don’t already have one. We will suggest a “design” to create an overall look and feel for the wedding in keeping with the bride and groom’s requirements outlined in the briefing form.  With an Orchid planner at hand, clients are promised a stylish and creative wedding, as well as original ideas and lots of attention to detail.

Being the neutral 3rd Party

We act as the neutral third party between family members. Throughout the process, the families of both the bride and groom will want to get involved and sometimes they may disagree with an aspect or another. Our role is to listen, understand the points of view and act as the mediator to suggest alternatives and put our expertise forward to ensure the best decision is made.

The lead up and the day of the wedding

Planning a wedding for the first time means our brides and grooms don’t always realise how many details need to be addressed in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Likewise, on the day of the wedding, the couple’s place is to be among their guests enjoying the celebration and being the centre of attention. They definitely shouldn’t have to think of letting the band know when it is time to start the first dance or liaise with the venue to start serving dinner. Having a wedding planner on board means everyone, including the family, can be around the bride and groom and have the centre stage they deserve throughout the day. We will manage and co-ordinate suppliers throughout the day, making sure the event is running seamlessly and to time. The bride and groom are left to enjoy their magical day without having to worry about anything.