A Bespoke Song Service

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A sure way to WOW your guests!

Bespoke refers to something that is ‘made to order’, and that is exactly what bespoke song writing is.

We’ve developed a bespoke song service, which has been a definite success.

A bespoke song writing service begins with you sitting down with one of our experienced song writers, and explaining to them what you want. Lyrics can be created based on yourself for a party, amongst many other focal points. This would be a wonderful wedding gift a bride could give to her groom, and vice versa; it could detail specific moments with them that you hold dearest, or your most favourite of their qualities. Alternatively, the bride and groom could create the song together, with the aid of an experienced song writer, detailing certain points of their relationships, any private jokes and specifics that are deeply personal to them as a couple.  A bespoke song could also be a wonderful gift to give your parents on their anniversary, explaining to them in song what you admire in them and their relationship. This could go both ways as well, as parents could gift a bespoke song to their child at a birthday party or Bat/Bar Mitzvah.

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After the songwriter has all your thoughts jotted down, they will write your one of a kind song filled with all your chosen details. This song can then be performed at your event, either by yourself or one of our spectacular singers. Lyrics tend to be rewritten for already existent songs; you could choose the recipient’s favourite song, keeping the tunes but rewriting the lyrics.

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A bespoke song is sure to not only generate a memorable moment on the night, but also go a long way in ensuring that your celebration is one of a kind.

If you want to create an extraordinary focal point for your event by showcasing a bespoke song, please get in touch today.