African Cake Inspiration for Weddings or Parties

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Unique inspiration: African themed cakes.

As a London wedding planner, we are constantly looking for new challenges. This time we had to find inspiration for an African cake, a contemporary interpretation of Africa’s diverse and unique cultural heritage as well as an homage to the modern day African style.  

We are currently planning a big birthday bash that is safari themed, and it got us thinking; what would be a perfect African cake? As we searched, we came across these beautiful and eye-catching cakes, which were too good not to share!

Several cakes directly follow a safari-theme, perfectly suited to our current theme. These fun yet sophisticated cakes definitely provide a suitable centrepiece for such an extravagant party, and can be adapted to your colour scheme and specific desires.

Many of the cakes follow a deep sunset colour scheme, involving reds and oranges and yellows into every aspect of the cake. These warm colours suit a safari themed event perfectly, and would be set off perfectly by the greenery that is evoked by the safari theme.

African Cake silhouette African Cake Silhouette 2

The cakes are often 3-tired, and provide three individual backdrops for safari-inspired detail, however the shape can obviously been adapted as in the picture below, giving a quirkier feel to the cake.

African Cake Pillow

A further stunning aspect of these cakes are the use of silhouettes of animals as detail, allowing the mind to wander as all the details are not defined. The black silhouettes also provide a clean and simple way in which to show of these animal forms, without deterring away from the bold colours of the cake.

Our search also pulled up a more ‘traditional’ version of an African cake, that doesn’t necessarily involve a safari or animal theme. These striking cakes, shown below, are adorned with beautiful traditional prints, characteristic of African art. They are also perfect if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, as any colour can be incorporated into the prints.

African Cake prints African Cake Tribal



A final example is of a cake is of one embellished with edible replicas of African jewellery, wrapping themselves around the tiers and definitely provides an unusual and unexpected cake.

African Cake beads

If you are looking to plan a themed event, or need some help coming up with the perfect theme, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly event planners today.