An Indian Summer Party: Our Vision

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An Indian Summer Party: Our Vision

Summer, some people love it, some people not so much. However, most of us do feel a bit down when it comes to an end – hence why so many people are beginning to throw parties at the end of the season. A Summer party not only allows you to celebrate the season and holidays you have had, but it brings happiness to the end of the long, hot and relaxing months. A popular theme for these parties is: “Indian Summer”, which is becoming increasingly requested.

Colour Scheme

When our client first came to us with the idea of hosting an Indian Themed Summer Party, we knew we would be in our element. We have so much experience in Indian and Asian Weddings, that the initial planning of the party was second nature to us. The first thing we did was sit down and research/create a colour scheme that we would follow. For us, this is the whole structure to our event. A colour scheme is what you base all of your decoration around, we steered clear of the obvious bright yellows and oranges, and opted for a slightly toned down colour scheme; focusing on different shades of pink, which worked well with the drapes and furniture, adding in a slightly burnt orange occasionly. Perfectly reflecting the Indian Summer theme, we decided on this palette as our foundations for further planning.

Mood Board

After we have set out a colour scheme, our next stage was to create a Mood Board. It is essential for us to visualize our ideas; including key decorative features, fabrics, cutlery and kitchenware, floral designs and venue. We brainstormed key features of Indian Weddings and Events – particularly the aspects that are most prominent in the summer, and chose the ones we felt would work best against our brief.

Inspiration: For us, it was important to incorporate elegance and sophistication in every way possible, from the tableware to the entrance. These images were what inspired our design, creation and styling of the event. The floral features stood out majorly to us, alongside the use of pink in the furniture and decorative objects; we used this inspo to bring a slice of India to this Summer Party. We focused on ideas that would be eye catching, but not overpowering, and that reflected the theme effortlessly, as we did not want the styling to have a forced appearance.

Computerised Plans/Visualisation

After we had completed our Mood Board the real fun began. We decided on the venue: a marquee finished with a multicoloured tent lining (seen in the top left), and once we had the number of guests and therefore the size of the required venue space, we could work on piecing together the different elements.

Our main inspiration of elegance and simplicity really began to shine through, with the drapes and “laced” detailing around the bar. Seating and socialising is also such an important, but frequently overlooked, aspect of an event. Therefore, when visualising the event styling, it was important to include many social areas; such as the ottoman style seating, in the entrance – as this is a part of the venue everyone will visit.

Similarly, with the Bar, it was important for us to plan and create a space appealing and easy for socialising, whilst also being in the most practical area of the venue. We used the computerised images to place the bar in the perfect spot; to the side of the tables but with enough room for people to stand around with a drink, having a chit chat. Our vision was to create a relaxed bar area, with an element of elegance, however still fitting the Indian Summer Theme – and this is definitely what we achieved:


Think Pink! For our Indian Summer Party, it was important for us to incorporate table design into our event styling as much as all of the other aspects. Socialising over food, and taking images of your food (which is more common than actually eating the food nowadays), is such a major part of an event, that the table, and tableware the food goes on/in has to look the part too.

Recently, we have seen many articles talking about how the colour and shape of your tableware can influence how we think our food tastes (apparently – a round plate makes our meal taste better!)  – which has made us extra-hard about how we plan the guests food to be served.

Our inspiration for the tableware was simple, but sweet. The glasses and plates all complimented one another to bring the table together. With cutlery, napkins, candles and all set out on the mirrored table; the finished look was amazing:


Finishing Touches



The finishing touches are what make or break an event. For our clients Indian Summer Theme, it was important to have unique and eye catching finishing touches, to further emphasise the theme and colour scheme.

Our first inspiration for our finishing touches, were a unique way to include key patterns that reflect the “Indian Summer” theme. And what better way to do this, than to incorporate it into some sort of decoration: pillows. The pillows allowed for further emphasis of the theme and use of the colour scheme.

Our next inspiration was unique but elegant. We achieved this through our quirky but gorgeous props – we had blush pink chairs and pink palm tree lights. Simply Stunning.



Final Event

The final day was divine, from entertainment to food – the summer party was the perfect finish to the season. Watch this clip, it’s time to take you to our Indian Summer Party…

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