Tropical Themed Birthday Party – bringing the outdoors, indoors!

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tropical party inspiration

Tropical themes have got us inspired!

With Summer almost here we are busy planning a special tropical themed birthday party and to get us inspired we have created a mood board reflecting an indoors, outdoors tropical atmosphere.

This is one of the first steps in the planning process which allows us as event planners to develop a starting point to brain storm into a specific theme and style reflecting our client brief and taste – a Tropical Themed Birthday Party. This is the starting point to define the identity for this particular event giving us the first insight into what we will need and what the end result will look like. It is one of the most important parts of our planning process, it  is where the magic starts to happen, when all the ideas come together in one place, creating a vision of what the party will be.

Once the mood board is completed it will guide our project until the event day. It will always be a “go to point” when needing to discuss and decide options ensuring we don’t stray from our look and style creating a cohesive event with a bespoke signature to each and every of our clients. Want to take a look at what we have planned for our Tropical Themed Birthday Party – bringing the outdoors, indoors!?

Tropical Themed Birthday Party

For this birthday celebration we are combining tropical with elegance in one to create the perfect ambiance for fun and relaxing party!  We gained inspiration for this mood board with our dedicated research into online themes, shopping trends, styling ideas and bespoke art creations.

The growing trend of gold and tropical green can be seen in clothes and home wear stores. This growth has given a wealth of new furnishing options to really get creative details into a traditional recurring theme. The art décor trend which is now majorly popular too and  has been incorporated in this event to keep a contemporary feel with the use of geometric tables and table decorations.

White, gold/copper and green color scheme have really inspired the direction of the venue dressing in creating a tropical themed birthday party. The colors complement each other in a elegant way without feeling opulent and overdressed. They gold and copper bring in touches of understated luxury .

And a party without flowers (and plants) is not really complete! To truly bring a tropical feel to this party we are bringing in indoor natural banana plants and kentia palms enhance the tropical feel and complement the décor.

The succulent plants and golden pineapples bring an element of  fun and fit perfectly in our 2016 florist trends!  The use of tall palms allow us to opens up spaces, enclose the setting in a natural environment bringing freshness into a room which would otherwise be just another indoor function room. To help us achieve this, we are working with our long term florist supplier Lavender Green Flowers, who have created some of the most stunning floral designs for our events.

Orchid Events are really excited about this birthday celebration planning and cannot wait to see the planning come into life. After all this is all part of the fun of being an event planner!

Tropical flower mood board