Children at Weddings

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children at weddings

How to deal with your younger guests.

At your wedding, you’re bound to have children running around which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! However sometimes they need a little additional entertainment for children at weddings, or perhaps you prefer a more adult event, so we’ve compiled some tips in order to help you avoid any sticky situations.

The issue of children at weddings is always delicate and takes a lot of thinking. While it is perfectly understandable that you don’t imagine crying babies in your dream wedding, it is important to find a diplomatic way of explaining this! Some parents may not understand why you don’t want their toddlers around, so it is important to make your intentions clear.

If you do choose to not have children at the wedding, an option is to dictate that the reception is an ‘adult reception’. However, just to be sure it is a good idea to call your guests with children to explain your decision and ensure they understand!

However, if the children are very young it is difficult to ask a parent to part from their newborn to come and attend your wedding. We would suggest allocating an area at your venue where those parents with young children can have some privacy to take care of them. You could also hire the services of a trained nanny so that parents can enjoy the evening while their children are being cared for, and entertained. Once again, discuss this with the parents over the phone prior to your wedding to ensure everyone has the same expecations of your big day!

A wealth of companies offer the services of nannies as well as children entertainers. By having both on hand, children at weddings can be taken care regardless of their age or needs. We suggest speaking to our sister company Music By Arrangement who can suggest excellent children entertainers that will keep all the little ones happy and entertained. A wedding can be a very boring event for a child and making sure they are entertained is probably the best way of avoiding impatient and grumpy children spoiling your big day.