First Impressions: Event Stationary

Stationary bar mitzvah

A variety of stationary.

Stationary is an important part of any event; it’s the first part of the event that your guests will see! It’s the advertising tool, getting your guests excited to attend your event. Stationary is a great way to pull a theme together. Whether you want to get your invitations professionally made or do it yourself, they are the part of the day that you will be able to keep and remember for years to come.


Over our years of experience, we have seen so many different kinds of stationary, in all different designs, which really give each event their own unique feel. These photos show some of the recent event stationary we have used, all of which were a success; we hope you like them as much as we do!

There are different ways of making your event stationary, and making your own invitations and stationary can be a lovely idea and will give your wedding or event a special, personal touch. Even though this is thought to be a cheaper way to create your stationary for your event, it can become costly when buying all the little bits and pieces which will make your stationary stand out. Stationary for your event can take the form of many different things including save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, table cards and even thank you notes. We know the run up to any event, whether it’s your special wedding or your annual birthday party, can be stressful. This is why, if you want to make your own stationary, you can (and should!) do this well in advance of the big day, so when that stressful period rolls around, you don’t have to worry about your stationary. If you do decide to go down the do-it-yourself route, you can always involve your close friends or wedding party to help you ensemble the stationary, making it a fun and enjoyable project.


Invitations need to be sent out around 6-8 weeks before the event. Creating invitations can take a while, so whether you go for professionally made or do it yourself, you will need to start thinking about invitations a few months earlier to ensure they go out on time. Without invitations, there will be no event –something no one wants to have to deal with! Luckily here at Orchid Events, we are experienced in sorting out all stationary for any event, even if you decide to do them yourself.


Here at Orchid Events we love event stationary because it pulls the theme together and is a fun way of giving a taster for your event before the big day. If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with our friendly event planners.