Neon Bar Mitzvah in London

It’s Neon Bar Mitzvah time! Once again we have the pleasure of planning one of our top favorite parties a Neon Bar Mitzvah in London.  In fact, we have over the years developed a wonderful reputation of throwing lavish and exciting Bar Mitzvahs. At this occasion, we certainly prove this to be true by exceeding all expectations. This time the celebrant had a very special request and so we were determined to bring his vision to life. Consequently, we created a stunning Neon Moroccan theme party guests are sure to remember for years to come.


The party takes place at the celebrant’s home in Hampstead and is an absolute hit!

Many perks come to hosting an event at home.  In fact, there’s a special excitement when watching your own home magically transform into a Neon Bar Mitzvah.

With a bright colorway of blue, orange, pink, green, purple and yellow as well as an authentic Moroccan décor we let guests really believe they are in a luxury Bedouint tent.

Two Marquees are built up and connected through a passageway. The reception marquee is decorated to the smallest detail. Big colorful poufs, long drapes, Moroccan Boucherouite rugs, white cubes and Moroccan style poser tables really bring out the Arabian vibe. Palm trees are brought in and add an exotic touch.  A chill out area with Moroccan ottomans and a gorgeous Arabian sofa invites guests to relax. Chill out areas are a great way of creating a more ” laid back” atmosphere. Silk pillows with geometric patterns in bright colors are another eye-catching detail in this lavish panorama. Colored Moroccan lanterns (and nightlights?) fill the room with a luxurious riad vibe in this soft evening twilight/ air. Guests are welcomed with champagne and creative neon colored mocktails. Likewise, canapes are being served on neon colored trays. These small details really bring out the party theme/tie into the party theme.


Lavender green, a top florist of ours, ties the space together with a stunning décor. Moroccan nightlights and colored birdcages decorated with bright flowers and foliage are being brought in. Likewise, poser tables are garnished with gold painted pots that are filled with small colorful stones at the base and succulent designs.

Moving on to the party tent we truly enter a world of neon! This Neon Bar Mitzvah stage and dance floor are enhanced with a neon glowing edge. Lava lamps are placed around the room combined with led sofas and led coffee tables.

A neon balloon ceiling, dancing spheres and floating neon though bubbles fill the party tent and add a fun twist to the space.  Consequently, they draw the crowds to the dance floor and really get the party starting.  A spectacular neon candy station including neon Oreos and slushies is revealed. Drinks are served in led martini glasses with LED straws and fluorescent ice cubes. Drinks and candies are perfect elements/ingredients/party one can really get original and quirky with by matching them to the theme.


Guests are invited to color their faces with fluorescent body paint while fluorescent wristbands and sunglasses are being given out by dancers.  Even staff members join in the fun and are wearing neon accessories. Ultimately the dance floor seems to turn into a colorful abstract painting of bright colors /neon rainbow.

With years of experience and a vast portfolio of exceptional artists we were/are able to find the perfect entertainment to match this theme.  Inside the party marque gobos projecting a mix of fluorescent reflections /streams/ colors creates a vibrant atmosphere. This spectacular light show and the led backdrop become the stage for the performing percussionists who bring guests together in a drummers circle.

At Orchid we make sure that every party has the perfect ending. Finally, guests are guided to the driveway by Moroccan lanterns and neon lights that light up the garden on this warm summer night. Certainly, there can’t be a more perfect way to wrap up the magical event.

Neon Bar Mitzvah