Small Intimate Weddings

With your nearest and dearest! Weddings are deeply personal days, and you have to make sure they’re perfectly tailored to you and your bride/groom. The classic wedding, that you’ve most likely attended, seen in movies, and TV shows, is the big wedding, with upwards of a hundred guests and an extravagant dinner at a grand [...]

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Inspiring Mood Boards: Black & White Party

Here at Orchid Events, we love planning parties and bringing your vision to life. We also love looking for new and unique party theme ideas to make your event as special as possible. Someone once said that less is more. That is why in today’s mood board we are looking into a black & white [...]

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The Details make the Day: Bar Mitzvahs

Coming of age in style! A Bar or Bat Mitzvah marks a special day in the Jewish Calendar, as a young boy or girl comes of age. This is often celebrated with a ceremony and lavish party, with all the celebrants’ friends invited. The details of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah certainly make the whole event, [...]

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Weddings Abroad

Because who doesn’t love to travel? Destination weddings are always popular and here at Orchid Events, with our years of experience, we have planned numerous weddings abroad and are comfortable working all around the world. We’ve planned weddings abroad, all the way in Israel, to the beautiful rustic Italy, sunny Portugal and in between. We [...]

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Orchid Events in the Absolutely Weddings Magazine

Perfect party planning Let your imagination run wild, because Orchid Events have the skills and passion to organise the perfect luxury wedding. Whether your dream is cascading flowers in a mediaeval castle bohemian chic in a hip art gallery or understated elegance in a landmark hotel, Orchid Events are the team that can make it [...]

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Corporate Events and Hospitality

Corporate Events planned down to the last detail. Here at Orchid Events, we are generally renowned for throwing lavish Asian Weddings and wonderful Bar or Bat Mitzvahs. However, unbeknownst to some, we do also plan and organise corporate events, meeting the client’s every need. One event of note is a cricket tournament we organised, which [...]

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