How to make a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Extra-Special.

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Bar Mitzvah Planning sweet bar candy display

How to make a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Extra-Special.

The big day has nearly arrived! Your son is about to be 13 or your daughter, 12 – and you have a party to plan.

After outlining some key aspects of the event, such as budget, venue and setting a date – the finer details start to haunt over you. How will you entertain all of the guests? What should the food and drink be like? Is it possible to decorate/design the event and venue without going Over The Top?

Don’t worry – Orchid Events have you covered. We have some tips and tricks to help you keep control and execute an amazing party for your child – or new teenager!

  1. Entertainment
  2. Stage and Event Design
  3. Sweets and Treats
  4. Activities
  5. Creative Stationery

1. Entertainment

It may be that you want to set your Bar/Bat Mitzvah apart from everyone else. Entertainment is a great way to start. It is important to remember that not all tweens/teens will want to hit the dance-floor, and even if they did they wouldn’t want to for the whole of the event. Therefore, we have come up with some ideas on how to entertain your guests, whatever their interests may be!


Using technology in your child’s Bar & Bat Mitzvah is the perfect way to impress and entertain your guests. At this event, large screens were used that allowed the teens to design their own phone cases! It mixed the perfect amount of fun and creativity into the occasion, instead of the traditional acts – such as a DJ or Magician, to keep everyone occupied.


Saxophone, Live Music – Music Entertainment

Live Music is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all of the guests at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, as music is not solely child focused – ensuring the adults have a great time too. Although not all 13 year old’s will want to dance the night away, the music will provide the perfect entertainment to the event, as well as leaving time for rituals; such as candle lighting or present giving/opening.

Here at Orchid Events, our sister company Music By Arrangement organizes all of the entertainment and specializes in music acts. Therefore, with our resources and expertise, we can ensure that your child’s special day will have the perfect sound, tailored to your vision of the event.

2. Stage and Event Design

The theme of your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah will mainly be centered around their personality and interests. Once you have a solid idea of what these are, and what aspects you would like to incorporate into the event, then you can plan your event/venue design. This will truly make your son or daughters celebration stand out from the crowd.


We suggest choosing a color scheme when pulling ideas together at the start of the planning process, as this will be your base for all the decorating related features, even the cake! Our favorite aspects of Bar/Bat Mitzvah event design will always be the table centerpieces.

Red and Orange Table Centre Pieces – Stage and Event Design

The set color scheme here is really recognizable, and all the guests will immediately feel a sense of unity between all the design, and the other parts of the event. We feel that this makes a Bar/Bat Mitzvah extra-special for you and your child, as it provides personality and individuality to their big day.

How to not go over the top!

It can be really hard when planning and designing how you are going to decorate your chosen venue to not go overboard. It is common that people go a bit OTT with decorations – making the venue look more shabby than chic, and it can be overpowering and off-putting for guests.

Therefore, we suggest that you stick to a specific theme and color scheme, choosing only a few staple colors, and one or two objects you will include in your decorations. For example, if you were organizing a Bar Mitzvah for your son who loved football, you may want your color scheme to be white, black and blue. You may choose to include the object of a football in the decorations, possibly incorporated into the centerpieces like this:

It is simple to prevent yourself from making the decor over the top. Set yourself a budget for the decorations (and stick to it!), choose a color scheme and a staple object/s. This will definitely make your son or daughters big occasion extra-special, not to mention that you will have lots of compliments on the venue design too.

3. Sweets and Treats

Continuing with the subject of Stage and Event Design, sweets and treats for guests can also be incorporated into the design of the event, alongside being incorporated in favors for guests who have attended their big celebration.

Sweet Treat Table – Sweets and Treats

Sweet Table

An example from our Neon Bar Mitzvah is to have a Sweets and Treats corner/table. Not only does it add to the design of the event, it also is a quick and easy way to keep all the children occupied and fed – what 13 year old wouldn’t want to eat their own body-weight in marshmallow!

It is a simple, memorable (and delicious!) feature to any Bar/Bat Mitzvah, that the children – and adults – will love.

chocolate sweet bar
Blue Themed Sweet Table – Sweets and Treats

Another example of a sweet table is this blue themed one, from “Ethan’s Barmitzvah”. Colour coordinating the sweets and table to the theme of the event perfectly showcases the decorative element it would provide to your child’s event, not to mention how good it would all taste too!

Moreover, if it was in your intentions to give out favors at the end of the occasion, you would also be able to combine your design theme with Sweets and Treats into this aspect, and it is a good way for guests to have a reminder of the party – if you include a little keep-sake in there too.

4. Activities

Entertainment and activities, some may say potato/potato however, having both will really allow your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to set itself apart from the rest. There are two ways this can be done: incorporate the activities into the entertainment or have them as two separate things.

If you think that incorporating both entertainment and activities into one is the best option for you then it really is so simple. If you thought that live music or a DJ was the route of entertainment that you wanted to go for, then how about adding musical chairs/karaoke – this is really cost-effective, as you are getting two for the price of one.

However, if you are leaning more towards the option of having them separately then this is also great! There are so many ideas for activities you could choose, we have many favorites: one of them being a photo booth!

Our Favourite Activities

We believe that having a Photo Booth for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah is the perfect way to keep all the guests entertained. It is so simple to use, and will also allow the guests to take home a keepsake from the event – their photo booth photos! With added props and a framed camera, it is so versatile – meaning everyone will be entertained, and that guests can go back more than once and have a completely different experience.

CASHMERE Showcase photobooth car
Mini Cooper Photo Booth – Activites

This Mini Photo Booth, is perfect to fit a themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and there are many photo booths you can hire to fit your theme/venue. If this is something that you are thinking would fit your event perfectly, or if you want to see some other ideas Click Here.

5. Creative Stationery

From invitations to place names, stationery is a great way to add a hint of your personality to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah and to reflect the theme of your celebration from the start. It will intrigue and excite your guests, so they’re counting down the seconds until your child’s’ big day.

Oliver’s Bar Mitzvah – Wimbledon Themed

This creative stationery – a menu – perfectly reflects the theme of the event, the child’s personality, and interests (Tennis and Wimbledon if you couldn’t guess!) & looks amazing. The design is completed with the sweatband to hold the serviette – what more could you want!

Leave a note!

Although this may not be the first thing to pop into mind when you think of event stationery, “Leave A Note” is certainly a brilliant way to make a Bar & Bat Mitzvah extra-special. It is the perfect keepsake for your child to look back on the amazing day they had celebrating, and allows the guests to feel they have left the best gift.

To find out more about the Bar Mitzvah from the image above click HERE.

Dorchester Hotel Bar Mitzvah
Think Blue – Dorchester Hotel Bar Mitzvah

You can use stationery at your Bar Mitzvah to link into your color scheme and/or decoration – like at this celebration. The different shades of blue are complemented by the blue and white menu; it will make for some amazing snaps of the venue and event design!

We hope this blog post has given you the inspo you need to start planning your son or daughters big day. If you want the stress taken off of your hands, and a wonderful Bar/Bat Mitzvah planned and brought to life then contact us today.

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