Inspiring Mood Boards: A Beach Wedding

Sand between your toes, blue sea at the beach. Here at Orchid Events, we love a beach wedding. There's something magical about saying those special words with the sound of waves crashing in the background and beautiful golden sand creating the perfect backdrop for such a special moment. We began day dreaming about these beachy [...]

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London Boat House Wedding

Vows on the Thames... Summer time! And Orchid Events have just recently finished a very special boat house wedding for one of our lovely clients. This special day was set in a unique boat house situated on an Island along the River Thames. This intriguing venue provided a special and romantic setting for the celebrations [...]

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London Venues: The Sky Garden

Views in the sky. Part of being an event planner is finding the perfect venue and with our offices based in London, we are constantly surrounded by incredible venues. London is full of unique and beautiful venues; one of our favorites is the Sky Garden. The Sky Garden is located at the top of the [...]

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Xtatic – London Function Band

Xtatic, one of the best. Recognized as one of the best London function band on the circuit, Xtatic deliver exceptional entertainment each and every time.  With their astoundingly wide repertoire, each performance can be remarkably different and tailored to the client’s requirements.   Led by bassist Paul Carmichael, who has over twenty years’ industry experience, [...]

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The Role of the Wedding Planner

Duty calls! Here's what we take charge of. As a wedding planner, our role is to take the stress away from the bride and groom allowing them to enjoy the whole wedding experience. Over our years working as a wedding planner, we've compiled a list of our roles when helping a bride and groom plan [...]

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Technology at Weddings

In this day, technology can never go amiss! The wonder of a destination wedding can sometimes be dampened by not having all your loved ones around, due to time and money constraints! However there's always a solution to be found, and incorporating technology at weddings can be a great way to overcome this problem. If [...]

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Inspiring Wedding Venues

A helping hand choosing your perfect venue. Choosing your wedding venue is probably one of the most crucial steps in planning your big day. If you have decided to be original and different then go for it! There are many hidden gems and original wedding venues available in London and all over England. Here are just [...]

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Children at Weddings

How to deal with your younger guests. At your wedding, you're bound to have children running around which isn't necessarily a bad thing! However sometimes they need a little additional entertainment for children at weddings, or perhaps you prefer a more adult event, so we've compiled some tips in order to help you avoid any [...]

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Getting the Groom Involved

Making the day about the bride AND groom. A wedding is an event that symbolises the unity of two people, and yet somehow the wedding planning tends to be taken on by the woman! We like to try to get both the bride and groom involved, enhancing the significance of your special day. Involving the [...]

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